Sunday, November 8, 2015

David's 30th

David reached the dreaded day of turning 30 on October 11th. Good thing I'm here to keep him young! I took the day off of work. David's day started early in the morning with church basketball, followed by a trip to the spa for a massage. 

The real fun was for that night at his parent's house. He knew we were going up to celebrate but what he didn't know is how many people would be coming! 

We had a BBQ

The handsome birthday boy!

We had a lot of people there from people we know from David's parent's ward to neighbors, some cousins, and even David's best friend from his mission/college. 

His best friend that drove up all the way from Memphis with his wife Kelsey just for David! We love the Welch's! Landon ran in with his gorilla suit and surprised David! (It's a tradition now to wear the gorilla suit to surprise David, wasn't the first time)

There was lots of eating and talking

Even some pony rides!

Kids playing with the puppies. David's parents just got a blue healer and the neighbors got her brothers!

Playing some ping pong

Talking about the hot dog buns that are split open at the top. Apparently that's the kind I bought! It had a lot of people confused.

One of the kids got a ball stuck on the roof

So of course David climbed on the roof to get it...

David's parents

Finally time for some birthday cake!

The old guy!

The Berretts

The Dubois

Rebecca and Sean Miller from our ward

Finally at the end, David open some of his presents. The kids were really excited for him to open their gifts.

I think this was David's favorite RC car

Happy 30th David! I love you! You are so hardworking and the best husband!

Some facts about David:
Favorite thing to do: Mountain biking, be with his favorite wife, play basketball/sports
Favorite Food: "Steak is pretty hard to beat"
Greatest Accomplishment so far: Getting Married :) Getting his CPA
Favorite Sport to Watch: Football and golf
Favorite Class in College: Coding in Excel (he said it sounds nerdy but it is really useful) and Swimming
If you could live anywhere, where would it be? "I've thought a really small town in Europe would be fun"
Something you hope to accomplish one day: Be a good father (he will be!)
Favorite place to go: The Cabin (Family cabin in Utah mountains)

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  1. Man o man, this looks like so much fun! I think you should have his 30th bday again next year!